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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide

Teradata Error Log

The Teradata error log, teradata.log, is located in the user workspace .metadata/Teradata directory. Log messages are sent to the teradata.log file as well as to the Teradata Log console. To display the Teradata Log console, first you need to open the Console View. From the main menu, select Window > Show Views > Other. Then select General > Console and click OK. The Console View opens at the bottom of the screen. From the Console View toolbar you can open the Teradata Log console by clicking the down arrow icon and selecting TeradataLog.

Eclipse Error Log

Eclipse provides an error log to display any Eclipse error messages. Display this view by selecting Window > Show View and selecting Error Log.

Turning on Debug

You can configure the level of logging desired via the Teradata Logging Preferences page. Logging levels for the Teradata Log console and the Teradata log file are controlled separately. For example, you can change the logging level for the Teradata log file by clicking the DEBUG button under the Datatools Logging Level, then clicking Apply. This action enables debug logging for all of Teradata Studio plug-ins, with log messages going to the teradata.log file.

You can also add a Logger for more localized logging. For example, you can log debug messages for only the com.teradata.datatools.dtp.catalog plug-in. Here are the steps for turning on the debug logging level:

  1. Click the Loggers New button.
  2. Enter the name of the plug-in, such as com.teradata.datatools.dtp.catalog.
  3. Select com.teradata.datatools.dtp.catalog in the Loggers list and choose the logging level, such as DEBUG.
  4. Click Apply.

    This enables debug message logging for the com.teradata.datatools.dtp.catalog plug-in, with log messages going to the teradata.log file. You can add additional plug-ins to the list and configure each with its own logging level.