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March 2017
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The Table Data Editor is an advanced editor for viewing and editing table data stored in a Teradata Database or Teradata Aster Database. The editor can manage any size table including very large tables that contain thousands of rows of data. You can also export table data to a file, such as Microsoft Excel, for further review.

You can insert, delete, and update data in a table, and then filter to see the rows that have changed due to your edits. You can also set filter rules on table columns to show only data of interest.

For ease of access and viewing, the Table Data Editor organizes data rows into pages that you select using page controls in the toolbar. The default is 500 rows per page, but you can define a preferred page size at the top of the editor.

The Table Data Editor toolbar contains navigation aids and action buttons that help you manage, filter, and edit data in a database table.
Column Header Row
The top row of the Table Data Editor shows the labels and data types for the table columns.
Numbered Row Column
You can show or hide the first column by setting your preference in the Table Data Editor Preference dialog. The column shows row numbers for the table you are editing.
Table Data Grid
The Table Data Editor displays rows and columns of a database table in a spreadsheet grid format that shows relationships of data in the table. To update and see the most current view of this data, click Refresh in the toolbar.
Status Bar
This area displays error and system messages.