16.00 - Creating Dataset Schemas - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio User Guide

Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
  1. In the Administration perspective, select the Teradata connection.
  2. In the Navigator, right-click Dataset Schemas, and click Show Dataset Schemas. The dataset schemas list opens in the Object List Viewer.
  3. In the Object List Viewer toolbar, click .

    An Dataset Schema property form opens in the Details view.

  4. Click the General category and enter values for the new dataset schema.
  5. Click the Dataset Schema Text category and enter or import the schema text.
  6. [Optional] Click the SQL category to see the SQL code that will be executed on the connected system to create the new dataset schema.
  7. Click Commit.
  8. Click OK. The property form shows the properties of the new dataset schema.