16.00 - Generate DDL Basics - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
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You can easily generate SQL CREATE, DROP, and COMMENT statements for existing databases and database objects using the Generate DDL wizard. Access the wizard from the Data Source Explorer right-click menu. The wizard generates the SQL, and allows you to save the code as a text-format SQL script file (.sql extension, by default) in the Eclipse project. Optionally, the wizard can open the script directly in the SQL Editor, where you can edit the script and execute the generated DDL on a specified connection profile.

Use the Generate DDL wizard to copy partial or entire database schemas between different servers on different connection profiles. Copy database objects between different databases or users. You can use the wizard to generate and execute DROP statements for several objects or object categories to save time when you need to drop several objects. You can use the generated DDL as a backup of the current database structures in case you need to revert to a prior state. You can also modify the generated DDL by opening the .sql file in the SQL Editor.