16.00 - Viewing Authorization Properties - Teradata Studio

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March 2017
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An authorization creates an association between a database user and an OS platform user identification, allowing external routines to run in secure mode using the context, privileges, and access control granted to the specified OS user. For more information about authorizations, see SQL Data Definition Language - Syntax and Examples. For information about the authorization trusted extensions that you use to access remote systems using QueryGrid, see the Teradata QueryGrid documentation.
  1. In the Navigator, right-click Databases and click Show Databases. A list of the databases and users in the connected system appears in the Object List Viewer. The list is filtered according to any filters you have applied.
  2. In the Object List Viewer, right-click the database or user for which you want to view an authorization, and click Show Authorizations. Any authorizations that have been defined for the database or user are listed in the Object List Viewer.
  3. In the Object List Viewer, right-click the authorization for which you want to show properties and click Open Authorization. An Authorization property form opens in the Details view.