16.00 - Dropping Database Objects - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
Dropping a database object removes the specified object from the database.
  1. In the Administration perspective, right-click a database or user in the Navigator tree and select the applicable Show action for the kind of object you want to drop. A list of those types of objects in the selected database or user appears in the Object List Viewer.
  2. In the Object List Viewer, right-click one or more objects that you want to drop and select Drop.
  3. [Cloudera Only] In the Drop Confirmation message for Cloudera Hadoop connections using the Impala JDBC driver, select Refresh Impala Metadata to refresh the metadata after the drop.
  4. In the Drop Confirmation message, click Yes to confirm the drop operation. The selected object or group of objects are dropped from the connected database.