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March 2017
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The Logon Rights dialog enables you to grant, revoke, and display log-on privileges assigned to database users. Access this option by right-clicking a user in the Data Source Explorer and selecting Teradata > Grant/Revoke > Logon Rights.

Grant/Revoke Tab

Use this tab to select the trusted database users for which to set logon rights.

Option Description
All Users (Default) Selects to grant, revoke, or display log-on rights on All database users.
Specific Users(s) Selects to grant, revoke, or display log-on rights on specific database users. The log-on rights granted or revoked on specific users take precedence over the rights granted or revoked on all users (default).
View Details Updates the Grant, Revoke, and Display tabs with the log-on right details based on selection of database objects.
Filter Host ID Views only those log-on rights on HostIDs you select from the Filter Hostid combo box. Information for the selected HostIDs display in the Grant, Revoke, and Display tabs.
Grant Tab Grant log-on privileges to all database users (default) or specific database users.
Revoke Tab Revoke log-on privileges from database users.
Display Tab Display the current log-on privileges for the selected database user.
Null Password Select this if no password is required for the user to log on.

SQL Preview Tab

The SQL Preview tab previews the generated SQL before you submit the request. To execute the SQL statement, click Grant or Revoke. To modify the generated SQL, go to the Grant or Revoke tabs and make changes. The SQL updates when you move privileges to or from either 'To be granted' or 'To be revoked'. You can save the generated SQL to an SQL file in a project by clicking Save SQL.