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March 2017
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The LOB Disposition dialog appears when the results of running an SQL statement contain CHARACTER LARGE OBJECT (CLOB) or BINARY LARGE OBJECT (BLOB) values, or character or binary values specified to be treated as large objects.

The dialog contains a form for each column of the results that is a large object type. The forms enable you to specify how to handle the values. You can specify to store the values in files. In the case of binary data, you can specify that the values that are images are displayed in the Result View.

The forms for specifying how the values are to be handled are:
  • CLOB disposition: Specify the handling of large character values
  • BLOB disposition: Specify the handling of large binary values

As you enter values in the forms, the message at the top of the dialog indicates if there is an invalid value. When a form contains an invalid value the OK is disabled.

Clicking Cancel displays a dialog that indicates large values are not saved to files.