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March 2017
User Guide
The Data Transfer Wizard provides an initial dialog that enables you to select the source and destination for your data transfer operation. The wizard pre-populates fields based on the database object you select in the Data Source Explorer navigation pane. When you click Launch, the wizard opens the appropriate dialog to collect additional information about your data transfer.

Connection plus Data Object Name
Based on the object you select in the Data Source Explorer, the wizard shows the Connection Profile name used to connect to the database and object selected.
Source of Data Transfer
The Source Type identifies the source for the data transfer operation. To load data to an object, you must select a source type for the load operation. For example, a load operation with Teradata as the destination requires that you select either Import from Hadoop or from an External File. Load operations with Aster as the destination allow you to select Hadoop or External File (Smart Load).
Destination of Data Transfer
The Destination Type identifies the destination for the data transfer operation. To export data from an object, you must select a destination type for the export operation. For example, types of destinations from a Teradata source are Export to Hadoop, External File, and Teradata. The type of destination from an Aster source type is External File.