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March 2017
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You can compare the Data Definition Language (DDL) text of two database objects of the same type. You can compare Teradata Database objects with other Teradata objects of the same type, and Aster objects with other Aster objects of the same type.

The wizard guides you through the selection of the object you want to compare. Depending on the object type you selected in the Data Source Explorer, the wizard helps you to select an object of the same type. For example, if you select a Table object in Data Source Explorer, you are allowed to only choose a Table object to compare with it.

Optionally for Teradata objects you can choose to include any dependent objects in the DDL comparison. For example, you can include Tables in a database comparison, and triggers in a Table comparison.

When you click Finish the Compare Editor appears and displays the DDL text of the referenced object and the compare-to object side-by-side. You can use toolbar functions to view the DDL differences and changed elements. You can also edit the text but you cannot move text from one editor window to the other.