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March 2017
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The Copy Object Wizard enables you to copy Teradata table data to another existing Teradata table. You can select whether a column is copied by selecting a column name and data type for the new destination column. Filters allow you to specify smaller sets of data to copy.

Source Columns
The Source Column Name/Type lists the table columns stored in the source database you selected. You select which of the columns you want copied to the destination table by specifying a name for the an existing column in the destination table.
Destination Columns
The Destination Column Name/Type displays one option list for each source column. Use the option list to map the source column name and data type to an existing destination column.
Column Filter
Select a filter type from the list, and if appropriate, enter a filter value in the text box. You must enter a value that is valid for the column data type. The data type displays beside the column name.
Instructions for Copy Job
Provides the following options to specify how you want data copied to the destination table:
Option Description
Append data to destination table Appends the copied data to the end of existing data in the table.
Replace existing data in destination table Replaces any existing data in the destination table with the copied data.
Copy Data Job Name
Copy Object Wizard generates a default job name based on the source table name. You can edit the default job name.
Reset Action
The Reset button return all values in the screen to their default settings.