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March 2017
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You must have sufficient privileges granted to you before you can create an Aster database, user, or role. The default db_admin role is the superuser role of an Aster Database and gives you access to all database objects without restrictions. Typically, this role is given to your Aster database administrator who then creates and assigns roles to users enabling them access to specific objects in the database.

When Aster Database installs, the system creates a default database called "beehive". With the appropriate privileges, you can connect to "beehive" to create new databases, users, and roles. Any users and roles that you create for an Aster Database are available for all databases located on the same Aster Database server.

The Teradata Studio and Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse development environments provide special dialogs and forms to assist you in the creation of databases, users, and roles for your Aster Database.