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March 2017
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The Column Specification dialog of the Transfer Teradata Table to Hadoop Table Wizard enables you to set the name of a new Hadoop table and to specify which Teradata table columns to transfer to the Hadoop table. You can view and assign mappings for the table column types. You can also set the job name for the transfer operation.

Displays the name of the Teradata Database and table database.table that are the source for the data transfer. This information cannot be edited.
Displays the name of the Hadoop table to which the data is to be transferred. Enter the Delimiter to use for the transfer.
Column Specification
Select the columns in the Teradata table to transfer to Hadoop. You must specify each column individually.
Existing Destination Table Data
Specify whether to replace the data in the destination table or append it.
Job Name
Names the transfer job. You can change the job name, if necessary. The job name can be useful if the export is an operation that you might re-execute in the future.
Sets all the fields back to their default values.

When you click Finish, the settings are passed to the Transfer Progress View where you can monitor the status of the transfer job.