16.00 - SQL Editor Toolbar - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide

The SQL Editor toolbar enables Connection Profile selection and action buttons that help you manage and execute SQL for supported databases.

The SQL Editor Toolbar contains the following:

Connection Profile
Select a Connection Profile from the list. If the selected profile is not connected, confirm you want to connect by clicking Yes, enter the connection password, and click OK.
Connection Status
Shows the status of the connection to the selected Connection Profile. Green indicates that the connection is active.
Autocommit Toggle
When selected, submits each SQL statement in autocommit mode. Each SQL statement is then executed in its own transaction that ends with a COMMIT statement. You cannot roll back an SQL statement that is executed in autocommit mode. When Autocommit is set to ON, the Autocommit check box in the toolbar is selected. To turn Autocommit OFF, clear the check box.
Connect to Selected Profile
Connects to the connection profile, if it is disconnected.
If Autocommit is off, performs a commit.
If Autocommit is off, performs a rollback.
Max Rows
Changes the maximum number of rows returned by SQL executed in this editor.
SQL Execution Options
Displays a list of Execute options. You can select to Execute an Individual Statement that you have selected, or to Execute All query statements in the editing pane.
Cancel Running Statements
Aborts a running SQL request.
Save Options
Saves the SQL file to a project.
Export Results to File
When toggled on, exports the SQL results to a file instead of displaying in the Result Set viewer.
Import Data to Volatile Table
Lets you load external data into a volatile table.
Clear Query
Clears the SQL displayed in the editor.
Rename Editor
Renames the editor.
View Result Sets
View result sets created by this editor.
SQLA Substitution
When toggled on, performs a direct string substitution for parameters in the SQL Editor, similar to SQL Assistant functionality. When the SQL is executed a popup dialog appears for the user to enter the substitution for a named parameter in queries. Pertains to Teradata Database and Aster 6 and later systems, not Hadoop.
New SQL Editor
Opens a new SQL Editor. This action does not close the current editor, enabling you to work with multiple editors in tandem.
SQL Handling Preferences
Opens the SQL Handling Preferences.