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March 2017
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The Column Specification dialog of the Transfer Hadoop Table to Aster Table Wizard enables you to map data to columns when transferring data from Hadoop to an existing Aster table.

Data Source
The name of the Hadoop table that is the source for the transfer. You cannot edit this information.
Destination for Data Transfer
The name of the Aster database to which the data is to be transferred. The table you selected in the previous wizard screen displays in the Aster Table field. You can select a different table.
Columns to Transfer
Select check boxes to indicate which columns in the Hadoop table to transfer to the Aster table. By default the column data type of the Aster table is based on the column data type of the source Hadoop table. Verify the column data type and use the list to select a different data type if needed. You are able to set the data type for each column in the table.
Select Column Buttons
You can select to transfer all columns by clicking Select All or no columns to be transferred by clicking Select None at the bottom of the column list.
Naming of Job
The name for the transfer job displays at the bottom of the screen. You can change the job name.
Reset All Values
Sets all the fields back to their default values.