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March 2017
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SQL templates for creating SQL statements in the SQL Editor are provided in three ways:
  • Generate SQL options — SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statement templates for tables. These Generate SQL options are available from the Query Development perspective when you right-click a table object in Data Source Explorer.
  • Content Assist templates — In-context insertion of SQL statements in SQL Editor. To invoke the SQL Templates, place your cursor at the point in the SQL text where you want assistance and enter CNTL+SPACE.
  • Templates View for Aster analytical functions — Aster-only view that displays a list of function templates you can drag and drop into the SQL Editor.

Templates provided through the Content Assist mechanism help you create Data Manipulation Language (DML) type SQL statements, such as DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE. Template variables support tabbing from one variable to another. Template variables are linked allowing you to change one occurrence of a variable, for example, tablename1, and automatically change all occurrences of that same variable in the template. The Content Assist selection list includes all available SQL templates for creating SQL at the cursor insertion point in the text.