16.00 - Creating a Distinct UDT - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
Teradata allows you to create user-defined data types (UDTs) to extend your SQL functionality.

A distinct UDT is mapped to a single predefined Teradata data type.For example, a Euro UDT might be based on the predefined data type DECIMAL, but it would stand alone as a distinct data type.

  1. In the Navigator, expand the Databases, right-click the SYSUDTLIB database, and click Show User-Defined Types. A list of the UDTs defined in the connected system appears in the Object List Viewer. The list is filtered according to any filters you have applied.
  2. In the Object List Viewer toolbar, click .

    A Distinct User Defined Type property form opens in the Details view.

  3. Click the General category and enter values for the new UDT.
  4. Click the Options category and enter values for the new UDT.
  5. [Optional] Click the SQL category to see the SQL code that will be executed on the connected system to create the new UDT.
  6. Click OK. The property form shows the properties of the new UDT.