16.00 - About Transferring a Teradata Table to a Hadoop Table - Teradata Studio

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March 2017
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The Transfer Teradata Table to Hadoop Table wizard displays as below when you select Hadoop as the Destination Type with Teradata as the Source Type in the Data Transfer Wizard.

Source of Data Transfer
Teradata Connection Profile shows the Connection Profile for the connected database that contains the data to transfer. Teradata Table shows the database.table name of the Teradata table selected for the data transfer to Hadoop.
Destination of Data Transfer
Specifies a Hadoop table to which to transfer data. You can choose to transfer data to an existing table or to create a new table to receive the data.
Hadoop Connection Profile
Selects a Hadoop Connection Profile to which to connect.
Hadoop Database
The wizard displays a list of databases in the Connection Profile you selected. When you select a database, a list of the tables in the database displays.
Transfer to New or Existing Table
You can indicate whether to create a new table by selecting Create New Table. To use an existing table, clear the selection.
Hadoop Table
The Table field lists the tables in the selected Hadoop database. To transfer data to a table, select a table and click Next.