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March 2017
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You can use the Table Data Editor to display and edit tables that contain character data. A large text data table contains large amounts of character data stored as VARCHAR data type and must be edited in the Large Text Editor.

Actions on All Data in Editor
You can import, export, or clear the data displayed. These functions are selected by clicking the action buttons to the left of the editor workarea.
Editor Workarea
The editor workarea displays the large text data you selected to edit. You can insert, delete, and modify data displayed in this area. You can import from or export to files, such as a Microsoft Word file. You can also remove all data by clicking Clear.
The data in an object is often more than can be displayed within the editing area. Use the slidebars on each side of the Edit workarea to scroll through data.
Encoding Standard
The Encoding fields shows you the encoding standard used for the the data in the editor workarea. Use the drop-down menu to select a different standard.