16.00 - Creating a Hadoop Generic System Connection Profile - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio User Guide

Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
  1. In the Data Source Explorer or Navigator, click to create a new connection.
  2. Select Hadoop from Connection Profile Types.
  3. At Name, type a name to identify the connection profile.
  4. [Optional] At Description, type a description of this Connection Profile.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select Generic and TDCH as the Connection Service.
  7. Specify when to connect:
    Option Description
    Connect when the wizard completes Connect to the database when you complete the profile.
    Connect every time the workbench is started Connect to this database each time you launch the workbench.
  8. Click Next.
  9. At WebHDFS Host Name, type the host name or IP address of the system configured to provide access to the Hadoop system.
  10. At WebHDFS Port Number, type the port number to use to communicate with the WebHDFS service.
  11. At System Username, type the user name with permissions to access the WebHDFS host.
  12. If the Hadoop cluster has High Availability enabled for the namenode (the cluster has an active and standby namenode), select HA Enabled Cluster, then type the host name or IP address of the standby or backup namenode or host in Secondary WebHDFS Host Name.
  13. Click Next to view the Summary information.
  14. Click Finish to create the connection profile.