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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
Use the Table object form to specify a table definition that creates a new Aster schema table or modifies privileges for an existing one.
Table Properties
Click the property option tabs in the left panel to view table properties, such as table and column names, storage properties, privileges, and generated DDL, in the right panel.
  • General — Specify the name of the new table.
  • Columns — Specify at minimum one column in the new table.
  • Indexes — Specify the indexes for a new table.
  • Constraints — Specify constraints for the table.
  • Storage — Specify how you want data distributed in the table. If this is a Fact table, you must select a column to use as the key distribution column in the Distributed by field.
  • Privileges — Specify the privileges granted to this table for specific users and roles in the Aster Database. You can also specify PUBLIC privileges for the table object.
  • SQL — Review the CREATE TABLE statement generated based on your selections and field entries. The generated DDL statement creates the table or modifies selected table privileges.

You must execute the generated SQL by clicking Commit and create the table before you can assign privileges.