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March 2017
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To create an Aster database, you must be a superuser or granted the db_admin privilege.

When you create a database, you are the owner of the database. No other users have the ability to use it unless you grant them the privilege to use it. As the owner, only you have the ability to drop the database.
If your database administrator has granted ALL privileges on schema PUBLIC to users in the PUBLIC role (default), users can by default create databases in any new databases you create, such as tables in the PUBLIC schema in the new database. Creating one or more schemas in the database and granting or denying appropriate privileges for users on those schemas can prevent this.
Here are some tips for managing the GRANT/DENY Users privileges for the databases you create.
Grant or Deny Privilege Admin Action
Grant access to the new database Grant at minimum the CONNECT privilege on the database to users or roles.
Grant ability to create schemas in the new database Grant users at minimum the CREATE privilege on the database.
Grant ability to create tables in the new database Grant users at minimum the CREATE privilege on one of the schemas in the database.
Deny users the ability to create tables or objects in a database Revoke the CREATE privilege on a database or schema for the user.