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March 2017
User Guide
Teradata Database 16.0 supports Unicode pass-through. Unicode pass-through enables you to store, retrieve, and analyze emojis and other ideographs. You can utilize this feature by performing the following steps.

  1. Set the startup string for the user who will be connecting to the Teradata system:
    1. In the Administration perspective, double-click Databases and select the user in the Object List Viewer.
    2. Right-click the row for the user and select Open Database/User. The property form for the user is displayed.
    3. In the General tab, ensure that the Startup String field reads: set session character set unicode pass through on; If it is not already set, modify the user properties to include the startup string.
  2. Add the RUNSTARTUP JDBC property for the connection:
    1. In the Teradata JDBC Connection Properties step of the Connection Profile wizard, enter the credentials for the user and Teradata Database 16.0 system you are connecting to.
    2. Click the Add button next to JDBC Connection Properties.
    3. In the Add JDBC Property dialog, select the RUNSTARTUP JDBC property, select the property value ON, and click OK. The new property is listed in the JDBC Connection Properties display box.
  3. Set the font that supports displaying symbols such as emojis:
    1. From the Window menu, select Preferences.
    2. Expand General > Appearance and click Colors and Fonts.
    3. Select Text Font, and click the Edit button.
    4. In the Font dialog, select the Segoe UI Symbol font and click OK.
    5. Click OK to close the Preferences dialog.