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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide

The Large Binary Editor displays the binary data you selected from a table you are editing in Table Data Editor.

You can edit the data by:
  • Inserting binary data
  • Deleting binary data
  • Clearing the binary data in the editor
  • Importing binary data from a file
  • Exporting the binary data to a file

Edit Binary Data

Use the Large Binary Editor to modify the binary data in a table. The editor provides a large workarea that displays the binary data you selected from the table. Edit your binary data in this workarea.


Use the action buttons to the right of the editor to import, export, or clear binary data.

Option Description
Import Click to import binary data from a file.
Export Click to export the binary data displayed in the editor to a file, such as a text file.
Clear Click to remove all data displayed in the editor workarea.
OK Click to save the data.