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March 2017
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About User Profiles

You can group sets of configuration settings that are commonly used and assigned to users in profiles. Any user created as a member of the profile automatically inherits the profile settings. If no settings are specified for the profile, the default system-level settings are used. Settings in the user profile override the settings for the user in a CREATE USER or MODIFY USER statement. Password attribute settings in a user profile override the corresponding system-level password settings.

Changes to password attribute settings in a profile do not require a system restart to take effect. The new settings take effect the next time the users assigned to the profile log on.

Required Privileges

To You must have
Create a profile CREATE PROFILE
Add users to a profile DROP PROFILE
Drop a profile DROP PROFILE

About Dropping User Profiles

When you drop a user profile, the users who have the profile assigned to them continue to have that profile assigned to them. The system does not reset the profile for these users to NULL, and the system does not send warnings or errors the next time they log on.

When users log on after a profile drop, the system uses the password attribute setting defined for the system. Spool and temporary space settings immediately change to the settings originally defined for the affected users. Account and database settings change to the setting defined for the affected users the next time the users log on or explicitly change the settings.

The effects of re-creating a profile with the same name as the dropped profile are not immediate. The parameter settings in the re-created profile take effect the next time the users who are assigned the profile log on.

Profile Query Band Administration and Profile Row Level Security Constraint Administration are enabled for the Admin Profile form.

For More Information

For more information on profiles, see SQL Data Definition Language - Syntax and Examples and Database Administration.