16.00 - Data Tools for Query Development - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio User Guide

Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide

Teradata provides multiple tools to assist you in developing queries for the Teradata databases in your system.

Data Tools Description
Teradata SQL Editor Extends the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) SQL Editor to provide SQL development on Teradata databases.
SQL Query Builder Extends the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) SQL Query Builder to provide execution on Teradata databases.
Compare Editor Compares the Data Definition Language (DDL) text of two database objects.
Compare SQL Object Wizard Enables you to compare the Data Definition Language (DDL) text in a database object with another object of the same type in either a Teradata Database or Aster Database.
Result Set Viewer Provides an enhanced view of a result set that includes options to hide columns, filter on column values, find column values, copy data to the clipboard, format cell data, and switch between grid and text view.
SQL History View Provides historical information about SQL/DDL executions on one or more databases in your system.
Statistics Collection View Collects the statistics on table columns and indexes that are important to producing query plans.