16.00 - Display Access Logging Tab - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio User Guide

Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
The Display Access Logging tab enables you to view access logging rules and display customized Rules reports based on your selected criteria.
  1. Under Rule Type indicate which existing access logging rules to display:
    Option Description
    By User View rules grouped by users.
    On Database View rules grouped by database.
    On User View rules for a user.
  2. Click Display to show the access logging rules.
  3. Under Logging Rules, right-click any table header and select one of these actions:
    Option Description
    Select to Modify Types Selects list items in the Set Access Logging tab for further modification of logging details.
    Select All Selects all items in the list.
    Copy Copies all selected items to a clipboard.

The Rules Report displays the access logging rules report for the selected criteria.