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March 2017
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The Statistics Collection view lets you collect statistics on table columns and indexes. Collecting statistics on columns or indexes is important to producing query plans. You can think of the view as a container that holds statistics collection objects prior to running the actual collect statistics SQL command on the collection objects.

This view is provided as a way for you to collect statistics on the required collection objects.

Options shown below are available for adding columns or indexes to the statistics view.

Option Description
Right-click menu options from Data Source Explorer Selects table columns or indexes from the Data Source Explorer to add a column or index in the Statistics Collection view by right-clicking and selecting Teradata > Statistics > Collect.
Drag and drop to Statistics Collection View Selects columns or indexes from the Data Source Explorer to drag and drop the selected items into the Statistics Collection Objects view.
After you add statistics collection objects, you can manage the objects using the Collect, Add Multi-Column, and Remove options.

Option Description
Collect Opens the Collect Statistics dialog which allows user to run the Collect Statistics SQL command on the statistics collection objects added to the view.
Add Multi-Column Selects multiple columns from the statistics collection objects and creates a multi-column statistic object.
Remove Selects single or multiple items from the statistics collection objects and removes selected items.
Remove All Removes all items from the statistics collection objects.