16.00 - Modifying a Secure Zone - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
You can modify the root of an existing secure zone. Note that changing the zone root changes the entire dynamic of the secure zone.
  1. List existing secure zones for the desired Teradata Database in the Object List Viewer.
  2. On the desired row, right-click and select Modify Secure Zone. The Modify Zone pane appears.
  3. Edit the settings.
    Option Description
    Name Name of the secure zone.
    Zone DBA Name of the primary zone DBA. You cannot edit this field.
    Root Name The zone root associated with this secure zone. To change the zone root, it must not have any objects, descendants, roles, or profiles assigned to it.
  4. [Optional] Click SQL to review the generated SQL statements.
  5. Click Commit. The secure zone settings are updated.