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Teradata® DSA - DSE for IBM Spectrum Protect Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
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October 2021
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In a DSE implementation for IBM Spectrum Protect, the following components are installed:
Server Components Installed on Server
IBM Spectrum Protect Server (supplied by customer)
  • SLES 12 SP3
  • Spectrum Version 8.1.4
Standalone DSC Server Teradata SLES 11 SP3
IBM Spectrum Client Servers (BAR Media Server)
  • [BYNET support] Teradata supplied server (R720, R730, R740) with TDSTD Teradata Standard SLES 12 SP3
  • [No BYNET] Generic SLES 12 SP3 on customer supplied hardware
  • DSA Network Client (ClientHandler)
  • Spectrum Protect backup-archive client 8.1.4 and Storage Agent 8.1.4
  • DSE access module for Spectrum Protect (AXMSpectrum)

for Teradata DSE for Spectrum Protect showing data flowing from DBS through servers to data domain and the activity console.