15.10 - Using the JSON Type with Procedures (External Form) - Teradata Database

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December 2015
Programming Reference

You can create an external stored procedure containing one or more parameters that are a JSON data type. You can use the JSON type to define IN, OUT, and INOUT parameters for procedures written in C, C++, and Java.

The JSON parameter type is allowed in routines that do not access SQL (NO SQL clause) as well as routines that contain the SQL access clause (CONTAINS/READS/MODIFIES SQL).

The JSON data type is mapped to a java.sql.Clob type in a Java routine. The JSON data type is converted into a string format and passed as a CLOB to the Java UDF or external stored procedure, which must be defined using java.sql.Clob as the parameter for the JSON type.

If a binary JSON column value is passed to a Java UDF or external stored procedure defined with a JSON type parameter, the binary JSON value is converted to a CLOB type and mapped to java.sql.Clob.