15.11 - Viewing Job Status - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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December 2016
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Depending on the type of the job and the run status, you can view the details from the Saved Jobs or Job History view.
  1. Do one of the following, depending on the run status of the job:
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    Status of running job or the most recent job
    1. Click the Saved Jobs tab.
    2. Click next to a job.
    3. Select Job status.
    If the job is currently running, you will see the Streams tab and a progress bar indicating the percentage of the job completed. For running or completed jobs, the Log tab displays details about the objects included in the job.
    Status logs of previously run jobs
    1. Click the Job History tab.
    2. Click the row for the job.
    The Log tab displays details about the objects included in the job.
  2. [Optional] To view phase details, click View Phase Log.
    • The dictionary and data phase details are available for backup and analyze_validate jobs.
    • The dictionary, data, build, and postscript phase details are available for restore jobs.
    • Click OK to return to the Job Status screen.
  3. [Optional] To view job history, including start and end times, duration, and objects included, click View History.
  4. [Optional] To view save set details for backup jobs, including backup date, objects, size, and backup type, click View Save Sets.
  5. [Optional] To view error log details for failed analyze read jobs, including error code, error message, warning code, and warning message, click View Error Log.