15.11 - Restoring the Repository - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
December 2016
User Guide
This task describes how to restore a backup of DSC repository metadata.
If you abort a DSC repository restore job while the job is in progress or if the restore job fails, DSC repository metadata will be corrupted. DSC triggers a command to restore all repository tables to their initial state, which is an empty table.
  1. From the CATEGORIES list, click Repository Backup.
  2. Click Restore DSC Now. During the restore job, the BAR Setup and BAR Operations portlets are unavailable.
  3. Select a save set to restore.
  4. Click Continue. [Optional] Click Abort to end the restore operation.
  5. [Optional] If the restore job ends with a warning:
    1. Check the job status. In the following example, repo1_restore_job is the job name.
      dsc.sh job_status -n repo1_restore_job -B
    2. If the status indicates the foreign keys were not restored, run the foreign key repair script at /opt/teradata/client/<version>/dsa/dsc/recreateFk_<version>.sh. When the restore job is complete, the BAR Setup and BAR Operations portlets become available.
  6. After the repository restore job is complete, perform a tpareset of the DSC repository database.