15.11 - Running a Job - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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December 2016
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  1. Click next to a job.
  2. Select Run. If you selected a backup job that can only be run as a full backup (for example, a new backup job, or a job with a new target group), the FULL backup runs automatically.
  3. If you did not choose a backup job that can only be run as a full backup, select one of the following and click Run.
    Backup Type Description
    Full Archives all data from the specified objects
    Delta Archives only data that has changed since the last backup
    Cumulative Archives the data that has changed since the last full backup, consolidating multiple delta or cumulative backups
  4. If you are running a repository restore job, a dialog confirms that you want to restore the repository from the latest repository backup save set. Click OK. The BAR Setup and BAR Operations portlets are unavailable while the repository restore job is running.
    1. After the repository restore job successfully completes, perform a tpareset on the repository BAR server from the Linux command prompt.