15.11 - Adding a Target Group Map - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
December 2016
User Guide
Configure a target group before adding a target group map.
The target group mapping is maintained in an XML file to designate the new configuration for the restore.

The config_target_group_map command configures the map between target groups when restoring to a different client configuration.

  1. Open the XML file containing the target mapping configuration information. A sample map, sample_target_map.xml, is supplied in the DSC sample library.
  2. Specify target group map tags:
    Target Group Map Tag Description
    master_source_target_name The backup target group name.
    master_source_dsc_id The ID of the source DSC repository.
    master_dest_target_name The restore target group name.
    target_group_maps A sub target grouping consisting of a backup and restore configuration pair.
    source_mediaserver_name The backup media server.
    source_policy_class_name The third party backup application policy associated with the backup media server.
    dest_mediaserver_name The restore media server.
    dest_policy_class_name The third party backup application policy associated with the restore media server.
  3. Type dsc config_target_group_map followed by the parameters, and press Enter. For more information, see config_target_group_map.