15.11 - DSA Job Migration to a Different Domain - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
December 2016
User Guide
You can migrate images pointing to a specific DSA backup job in one DSA domain to a different DSA domain. The Administrator user can export backup job metadata (job definition, save sets, and targets) in XML format using the export_job_metadata command. The exported backup job metadata files, together with the storage media, can then be sent to the site where the other DSA domain is located. Users can use the import_job_metadata command on the DSA command line to create the same job and associated targets and save sets with the exported backup job metadata XML. The import of job metadata is handled by the other DSA environment in the following order:
  1. Virtual systems, media servers, NetBackup servers, and targets are saved into the DSC Repository.
  2. The job definition is saved into the DSC repository.
  3. Job save sets are saved into the DSC repository.

After the job metadata has been successfully imported using the command import_job_metadata, use the config_target_group_map command to map the exported virtual targets to one of the physical targets in the new DSA domain. You can use the new backup job that was imported to create a restore job using the mapped target. You can validate the save set metadata on tape of the migrated backup job using the command validate_job_metadata.

You can generate a job plan that uses multiple task-sets based on the streams soft limits set on the source and target. For best performance, use one-to-one mappings from the tapes or disk storage through the new target groups and streams passing the data to the AMPs. You can temporarily modify the streams soft limits and target groups to match on the source and target system.