15.11 - Adding or Editing a Teradata System and Node - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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December 2016
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User Guide
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Add and enable Teradata Database systems in the Monitored Systems portlet to make them available in the BAR Setup portlet.
You must configure the systems, nodes, backup solutions, and target groups in the BAR Setup portlet to make them available in the BAR Operations portlet.
  1. Enable BAR portlets for the role and for Viewpoint access.
  2. From the Teradata Viewpoint portal page, click .
  3. Open the BAR Setup portlet to configure the systems and nodes.
  4. From the Categories list, click Systems and Nodes.
  5. Click next to Systems.
  6. Select Add Teradata System. The System Details screen allows you to enter the information for the system.
  7. For System Details, enter the following:
    Option Description
    System Name Choose the system from the drop-down list.
    You can add a system from the Monitored Systems portlet.
    System Selector [Optional] When editing a system, to change the system selector, click Update. The credentials to the system are verified before the update can occur.
    You must stop and start DSMain in Teradata Database after changing the system selector.
    SSL Communication [Optional] Select the Enable SSL over JMS Communication checkbox to enable SSL communication.
    You must add the TrustStore password created during SSL setup. You must stop and start DSMain in Teradata Database after enabling SSL communication.
    Database Query Method Choose BASE_VIEW or EXTENDED_VIEW. EXTENDED_VIEW allows for extra database security, but may affect system performance.
    Default Stream Limits For Nodes Set the default limits for each node configured with the system. For each node is the maximum amount of concurrent steams allowed per node. For each job on a node is the maximum amount of concurrent streams allowed for each job on the node.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Add a Node to the system configuration.
    All nodes, including channel and standby nodes, must be included in system configuration.
  10. Click Activate System in the System Details view.
    Do not click Apply. Clicking Apply will de-activate the system. The exception to this is if 30 minutes has elapsed since you have added the system or node.
    After enabling SSL communication, stop and then restart DSMain in the Teradata Database.
  11. Using the following commands, restart DSMain on the target system from the Database Window (DBW) consoles supervisor screen:
    1. Enter start bardsmain –s (this stops DSMain).
    2. Enter start bardsmain (this starts DSMain).
  12. After bardsmain has started, click Activate System in the System Details view to enable the system and node configuration in the BAR Operations portlet.
    The repository backup system is preconfigured on the portlet, but you must run the Update on the System Selector, restart bardsmain on the DSC repository, and then click Apply before you activate the system for use.