15.11 - About Restrictions - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
December 2016
User Guide
Teradata DSA currently has the following limitations:
  • There can only be one target device (tape drive or disk) per NetBackup policy.
  • Multi-byte characters are not supported in the DSA command-line interface.
  • Backup and restore jobs cannot be run when an AMP is down.
  • Backup and restore jobs are subject to a database lock limit of up to 5,000 database objects for DBS releases 15.0 and below. This limitation no longer applies in DBS release 15.10.
  • The same user ID can run only one restore job at a time. If the user is already logged on and is running a BAR operation (including legacy BAR jobs), a DSA restore job will be aborted.
  • If the Teradata Database system restarts during an archive or restore operation, the host utility lock will remain on the remaining unprocessed objects. The user must release the lock manually.
  • The number of AMP Worker Tasks (AWT) dictates the number of DSA jobs that can run in parallel to allow for parallelism during restore.
  • A maximum of three concurrent restore jobs can be run on a system.
  • Up to 20 backup jobs can be run concurrently (based on 80 AWT).
  • DSA does not support any Teradata Database version that is higher than the DSA version.