15.11 - General DSA Settings - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
December 2016
User Guide

The BAR Setup portlet General category allows you to set the following DSA settings: threshold, security management, log levels, and how long to keep retired jobs.

Setting Description
DSC Repository Warning Thresholds Specifies the maximum amount of data to store in your DSC repository. A repository size below 85 percent of the threshold is a normal state for BAR operations. After 85 percent of the size threshold is met, warning messages are generated. After 95 percent of the size threshold is met, all BAR jobs that create more data on the repository receive an error message and are not permitted to run. The repository database perm space needs to be increased or jobs will have to be deleted in order to continue using DSA at that point.
After increasing perm space, restart the DSC service so that the change takes effect immediately.
Security Management Enables Teradata Viewpoint authentication on the DSA command-line interface. If checked, a user submitting certain commands from the command-line interface is required to enter a valid Teradata Viewpoint user name and password.
BAR Logging Specifies the level of BAR log information to display for the Data Stream Controller and the DSA Network Client. Extensive logging information is typically only useful for support personnel when gathering information about a reported problem.
Enables minimal logging. Provides only error messages. This is the default setting.
Adds warning messages to error message logging.
Provides informational messages with warning and error messages to the job log.
Enables full logging. All messages, including debug, are sent to the job log.
This setting can affect performance.
Delete Retired Jobs Specifies the deletion settings used when backup jobs are retired in the BAR Operations portlet.
Sets the number of days from the date a job is retired to wait before deleting the job.
Prevents deletion of retired jobs.