15.11 - Changing Job Options - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
December 2016
User Guide
You can change job options for any backup, restore, or analyze job by amending the job options in the XML file containing the job definition.
  1. Open the XML file containing the job definition information.
  2. Under <job_options>, list the necessary job options and place the appropriate value within the job tags.
    True is not an available value for the disable_fallback XML command. Enter the value as follows: <disable_fallback>false</disable_fallback>.
    If the XML file has the commands <run_as_copy>false</run_as_copy> and <disable_fallback>true</disable_fallback>, the system displays an error when the job is run.
    The following example shows the job options section in the XML file for a restore job:
        <!--    Optional, true/false  --> 
        <!--    Optional, true/false  --> 
        <!--    Optional, enum type, COLD/WARM/HOT  --> 
        <!--    Optional, enum type, DEFAULT/ON/OFF  -->  
        <!--    Optional, true/false  --> 
        <!--    Optional, max 2048 characters  --> 
        <!--  Optional, starts with upper case ( Error/Info/Debug/Warning )  --> 
        <!--    Optional, true/false  --> 
        <!--  'reblock' - Optional, accepted values: true/false  --> 
        <!--  Note: Only useful for RESTORE jobs.  --> 
        <!--    Optional, true/false  --> 
        <!--    Optional, max 32 characters  --> 
        <!--    Optional, max 32 characters  -->