15.11 - About the Job Status Filter Bar - Data Stream Architecture

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December 2016
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The job status filter bar allows you to filter on a specific job status in the Saved Jobs view.

The job status filter bar buttons provide a count of job runs for each status category. Click on any button to filter for the selected job status or select a job status from the list. For example, click Complete to display all jobs that have run to completion.

You can select a job status from the Overflow Menu to replace a job status currently showing on the Job Status filter bar.
All jobs currently saved in the BAR repository
Jobs which have run to completion
Jobs that are in progress
Jobs which have failed to run to completion
A job that is waiting for resources to become available before it can begin running
A job run that has been stopped by a user prior to completion
A job run that is in the process of being stopped by a user prior to completion
Jobs which run to completion, but received warning messages regarding possible issues during the run
Not Responding
A job that DSC has not received any status for 15 minutes
A job that has never been run, or a job in which existing save sets were deleted because of deletion guidelines in the data retention policy