15.11 - About the Objects Tab - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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December 2016
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The Objects tab displays the object browser. The object browser provides you with the controls to view a list of objects that are on a source Teradata Database system and archive objects to a target group and restore these objects to a target system. The object browser simplifies the process of viewing and selecting Teradata Database objects for backup and restore jobs.

Teradata Database objects display as a hierarchically-organized tree. You can use filtering to limit the number of objects displayed in the tree. Expand a branch of objects in the tree by clicking next to the object type.

The following table lists general controls in the object browser.

Control Action
Object Icon Identifies the database object type. Hovering over the object icon will show the object type and full object name.
Object Type Filter Enables you to select the type of object to display.