15.11 - Adding a Media Server - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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December 2016
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User Guide
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Media servers manage data during backup jobs.
  1. From the Categories list, click Media Servers.
  2. Click next to Media Servers.
  3. Enter a Media Server Name.
  4. Verify that the BAR NC Port number of the BAR network server matches the server port setting in the DSA client handler property file. The default port is 15401.
    If you change the port number in the clienthandler.properties file, you must restart the DSA Network Client with the restart-hwupgrade option.
  5. Enter an address in the IP Address box. This is the address of the media server. Additional addresses can be entered for network cards that are attached to the server. If there are multiple instances of DSA Network Client, specify separate IP addresses. For example, configure the first DSA Network Client instance with the first IP address and the second DSA Network Client instance with the second IP address.
    IP addresses are not validated.
  6. Enter an address in the Network Mask box. Refer to Network Masks for more information.
  7. [Optional] Add and remove addresses by clicking the and buttons.
  8. Click Apply.