15.11 - Viewing Job History - Data Stream Architecture

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) User Guide

Data Stream Architecture
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December 2016
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User Guide
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The Job History tab of the BAR Operations portlet displays a list of all job executions. You can view more detailed information about a single job execution from either the Job History or Saved Jobs view.
  1. Click the job row to display job status.
  2. Click View History.
The Job History for the job appears. You can select, lock, and designate the order of columns from the Table Actions menu.
Column Header Description
START Start date and time job began
END Date and time job ended
DURATION Total time the job ran
STATUS The job status of the job run
OBJECTS A count of database objects copied during the job
SOURCE Source system (backup) of the job.
DESTINATION For a backup job, the target group to which the data is backed up. For a restore job, the Teradata Database system to which the data is restored.