15.10 - IndicData - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
Programming Reference


Sends data in Indicator Mode to the Teradata server.

Usage Notes

The IndicData parcel follows one of these parcels that contains a USING row descriptor:

  • Req
  • IndicReq
  • FMReq
  • This parcel is generated by CLIv2 at the direction of the application.

    Parcel Data

    The following information applies to the IndicData parcel.



    Parcel Body Length

    Parcel Body Fields





    2 to maximum body size





    (n+7)/8 bytes where n = the number of items in the Data Field,

    organized as:    

    bit 1, bit 2, . . . , bit i,. . . , bit n, unused bits


    1 to maximum body size - ((n+7) / 8) bytes

    organized as:

     item 1, item2, . . . , item i,..., item n

    Field Notes

    The following notes apply to IndicData fields.

    The NullIndicators Field contains one bit for each item in the Data Field, stored in the minimum number of 8‑bit bytes required to hold them, with the unused bits in the rightmost byte set to zero.

    Each bit is matched on a positional basis to an item in the Data Field (that is, the ith bit in the NullIndicators Field corresponds to the ith item in the Data Field).


    If a bit is...

    Then the value of the corresponding data item is...




    not null.

    Whether the null indicator bit is ON or OFF, the length of the corresponding data item is meaningful.

    For example,


    If the data item is to contain...


    a variable length string

    length portion of the data item is set to the actual length of the string (which is zero if the data item represents a null value).

    an integer

    the data item occupies four bytes (which will be zero if the data item represents a null value).

    The Data Field contains a formatted record of data:

    The order of the items and their data types and lengths are determined by the USING row descriptor in the Teradata SQL statement.

    The values of the items are represented in client internal format. See Table 65 on page 428.

    A null value is explicitly indicated by a null indicator bit, as explained above.

    If the DBCAREA option Request-mode=B was specified and a request is being built that is similar to what CLIv2 builds, either the FMReq, IndicReq, MultipartRequest, or Req parcel must immediately follow any Options parcel. If no Options parcel exists, one of these must be the first parcel. The IndicReq parcel is supported by all versions of the Database.