16.20 - Determining the Installation Environment - Data Stream Utility

Teradata® DSA - DSU Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
September 2019

The hardware and software components in a DSU system can be installed and used in different configurations, depending on your environment requirements. For example, the DSC repository and software can be installed on a VM, a managed storage server, or in the public cloud. DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) software can be installed on a NewSQL Engine / Teradata Database node, on a managed storage server, or in the public cloud. Node performance and storage location are two factors in determining your installation environment.

How important is node performance?

If node performance is critical, install DSC and DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) software on a managed storage server so that NewSQL Engine / Teradata Database nodes do not have to perform BAR processing functions.

If node performance is not as critical as hardware availability and cost, consider installing and running DSC on a VM, and DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) on the NewSQL Engine / Teradata Database nodes. A typical DSU implementation has ClientHandler on the database node, and DSC on a DSC server or VM.

Determine storage configuration

The first question to answer in configuring storage is the storage location for backup data. For example, will the managed server be used as the storage location? If so, does the environment also include an NFS? If not, will DD Boost be installed? For environments using NFS, you need to set the NFS mount points. For environments using DD Boost, AWS S3, or Azure Blob, you need to install the access module.