16.20 - Adding the DSU vNode into the Current CMIC Configuration - Data Stream Utility

Teradata® DSA - DSU Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
September 2019
  1. SSH into the DSU vNode, get the output of /root/tvme/cmic_configuration.txt and save it for later.

    # cat /root/tvme/cmic_configuration.txt

    Sample output:

    <Chassis idnum="###NEXT-AVAILABLE-CHASSIS-ID###">
    <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Node_PFI"/>
    <IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="public"/>
  2. Log in to the Server Management Client, right-click on the CMIC node, and select Manage CMIC.


  3. Save the current configuration file.
    1. Log in using the CMIC username and password.
    2. Navigate to CMIC > System > CMIC Configuration.
    3. Click "" to save the current configuration into a local file as a backup.
  4. Under the CMIC Configuration Editor, locate the system/collective/cabinet where you want to insert your DSU vNode, and append the output from Step 1 after the last chassis entry in that cabinet. Modify ###NEXT-AVAILABLE-CHASSIS-ID### to the next available chassis ID in your environment. In our example below, the next available chassis ID is 5.
    <System idnum="1">
       <Collective idnum="1">
       <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Collective"/>
            <Cabinet idnum="1">
                <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Cab_Hybrid"/>
                <Chassis idnum="1" systemname="xxxx">
                      <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Teradata">
                <Chassis idnum="2">
                      <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Node_PFI"/>
                <Chassis idnum="3">
                      <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Node_PFI"/>
                <Chassis idnum="4" type="cmic">
                    <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_CMIC_PFI"/>
     <----- change ###NEXT-AVAILABLE-CHASSIS-ID### to 5
                <Chassis idnum="5"> 
                <MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Node_PFI"/>
                <IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="public"/>
  5. After inserting the chassis entry for the DSU vNode, click "" to validate the syntax of the configuration file.
  6. If no errors are found, click "" to put the configuration to CMIC. Now the DSU vNode is added into CMIC and it should start showing up in Server Management Client.