16.10 - Access Module Calls - Access Module

Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
July 2017
Programming Reference
Each Teradata client utility invokes access module calls differently. However, all utilities include the following:
  • AXSMOD keyword.
  • Access module name, which is the file name of the dynamically loadable module providing the access module software.
  • Access module initialization string, which is an optional list of operational parameters specified for the access module.

    Initialization strings are specified and delimited according to the requirements of the Teradata client utility. The contents of the string are determined according to the requirements of the specified access module.

To specify an access module in your Teradata utility job script, do the following:
  1. Use the syntax for the AXSMOD command or command option as described in the reference documentation for the Teradata utility.
  2. Use the syntax for the access module initialization string described in the “Initialization String” subsection of each access module chapter in this reference.