16.10 - Attributes Missing - Access Module

Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
July 2017
Programming Reference

Problem: Some table attributes might not be propagated from the source table to the destination table because only OLE DB-supported attributes are handled. The Teradata Access Module for OLE DB lets you connect a Teradata utilities to arbitrary OLE DB providers. The focus is on loading from an OLE DB-supported data source to Teradata Database and exporting from Teradata Database to an OLE DB-supported data source. As such, only OLE DB-supported attributes are handled.

Solution: To preserve Teradata-specific table attributes (such as the display format information for date and time that can be attached to columns), edit the sample script created by Teradata OleLoad to include the desired formatting for the date and time columns. The default date and time formats in the sample load scripts are YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MI:SS. These come from string entries number 78 and 40 in the resource-only .dll, OLEDB_AXSMODenu.dll.