16.10 - Session Character Sets - Access Module

Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
July 2017
Programming Reference

All Teradata utilities notify the Teradata Access Module for OLE DB about the session character set they use.

To set session character sets, specify the character set name as follows:

  • For jobs launched from the Teradata OleLoad GUI, specify the session character set in the Advanced Settings dialog box.
  • For jobs launched without the Teradata OleLoad GUI, specify a character set name as follows:
    • Teradata FastExport, Teradata MultiLoad, or Teradata TPump – Specify the -c character-set-name parameter at runtime in the command line to set the session character set name.
    • BTEQ or Teradata FastLoad – Specify the .SET SESSION CHARSET command in a script.
    • Teradata PT – Specify the USING CHAR(ACTER) SET charset-id phrase in the Teradata PT job script.